Barret Kurylyk

    Barret Kurylyk

    Post-doctoral fellow (Killam, NSERC, and Eyes High), University of Calgary, Department of Geoscience (Supervisor: Masaki Hayashi)

    Research Topic Subsurface hydrological processes in alpine and lowland permafrost environments

    My research is focused on subsurface heat transfer and hydrological processes in cold environments. In particular, I am using a finite element model of couple heat and water transfer to simulate the thawing of permafrost islands (peat plateaus) in a discontinuous permafrost region in southern Northwest Territories (Scotty Creek). I am also actively engaged in Dr. Hayashi’s alpine research programs in Lake O’Hara, BC and Helen Creek, AB. Our objective is to investigate how groundwater storage in these catchments may buffer streamflow and mitigate flooding during the spring freshet.

    Research Interests

    Heat as a hydrological tracer, climate change impacts groundwater recharge, climate change impacts on groundwater temperature, geothermal energy, heat transfer in permafrost, surface energy balance, cold regions hydrology, cryohydrogeology

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    List of Publications


    Kurylyk, B.L., M. Hayashi. Improved Stefan equation correction factors to accommodate soil sensible heat storage during freezing or thawing. Submitted to Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, February 18, 2015 (PPP-15-0015).


    Kurylyk, B.L. Discussion of: “A simple thaw-freeze algorithm for a multi-layered soil using the Stefan equation” by Xie and Gough, 2013. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, Accepted November 23, 2014, 21 pp.

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