Dawn Keim

    Dawn Keim

    Post-doctoral fellow, University of Saskatchewan, Global Institute for Water Security (Supervisor: Andrew Ireson)

    • Office  National Hydrology Research Centre 11 Innovation Boulevard Saskatoon, SK. S7N 3H5 Canada
    • Phone Number  (306) 966 2455
    • Email Address   dawn.keim@usask.ca

    Research Interests

    Dawn’s research mainly focuses on physical investigations into groundwater recharge and unsaturated flow and transport processes. Her work combines field observations and modeling to characterize hydrological processes and predict impacts of climate and land use changes.

    Research Group

    Subsurface Hydrology Research Group –led by Andrew Ireson



    International Journal Publications:

    Gill, A. B., Balmer, J., Keim, D. M., Munzo-Puelles, L., 2015. Assessing the early stages of success of a river bypass channel and restored habitat for the fish community. Progress in Physical Geography (in progress).

    Keim, D. M., West, L. J, Odling, N. E., 2012. Convergent flow in unsaturated fractured Chalk. Vadose Zone Journal, Vol. 11, Issue 4, doi: 10.2136/vzj2011.0146.

    International Conferences:

    Keim, D. M., Ireson, A. M., Ali, M., Ferguson, G. A., Steele, C., Lindsay, M. B. J., Penrod, D., 2014. Insights into the fate of radioactive contaminants through improved soil zone characterization techniques. 2014 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 15-19 December 2014.

    Keim, D. M., West. L. J., Odling. 2013. In-situ monitoring of nitrate fluxes through the unsaturated zone in Chalk aquifers. 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 9-13 December 2013.

    Keim, D. M., West. L. J., Odling. N. E, Chapman, P. J., 2010. Recharge monitoring in the Chalk unsaturated zone. The Polish Geological Society, Krakow, Poland.

    Keim, D. M., West. L. J., Odling. N. E, Chapman, P. J., 2010. Monitoring flow and nitrate transport in the Chalk Unsaturated Zone, EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 2-7 May 2010.


    Ph.D. –Keim, D. M., 2013. Quantifying water and nitrate fluxes in the Yorkshire Chalk unsaturated zone. University of Leeds, Leeds UK.

    M.Sc. –Keim, D. M., 2008. Ecological assessment of the River Thame fish habitat enhancement project. Cranfield University, Bedford UK.