Ida Hung

    Ida Hung

    MSc student, Department of Environment and Geography, University of Manitoba (Supervisor: Ronald Stewart)

    Thesis Topic: Characteristics and Formation of Precipitation over the Kananaskis Emergency Site during March and April 2015

    Cold season precipitation occurs frequently in the lee of the Rocky Mountains yet no study has specifically examined the characteristics and formation of ice crystals and solid precipitation particles. During March and April 2015, a field campaign took place over the Kananaskis Valley, AB, focusing on precipitation events at the Kananaskis Emergency Site (KES). Measurements were obtained from a variety of instruments documenting precipitation-related features at the surface and aloft. This study focuses on the characteristics and formation of cold season precipitation at KES. The study utilized information obtained from the field campaign with emphasis placed on precipitation events having specialized ice crystal and solid precipitation particle observations.


    • In Progress: Hazardous freezing precipitation over the Prairie and Western Arctic regions of Canada. B. Kochtubajda, R. Stewart, I. Hung and K. Utko

    Spotlight on Student Research

    Ida was featured as a student researcher with CCRN: Formation and Characterization of Precipitation, Kananaskis, AB