Jonathan  Conway

    Jonathan  Conway

    Post-Doctoral Fellow (until 2016), Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan (Supervisors: Warren Helgason and John Pomeroy)

    Research Topic: Cryosphere - atmosphere processes in complex terrain

    My main research interest is the interaction of atmospheric and cryospheric processes. Specifically I study energy and mass fluxes over glacier and seasonal snow surfaces and how these relate to multiple atmospheric scales (boundary layer meteorology, mountain atmospheric boundary layer, synoptic climatology) and to various components of the climate system (including clouds and airmass properties). I use in-situ observations to test and develop numerical models that simulate these processes. I also have interests in other climatological processes in complex terrain such as air pollution climatology and regional hydro-climatology in mountainous regions.


    Next Position

    Research Scientist, Bodeker Scientific