Kabir Rasouli

    Kabir Rasouli

    PhD student, University of Saskatchewan, Centre for Hydrology (Supervisor: John Pomeroy)

    Thesis Topic: Sensitivity analysis of alpine hydrology under changing climate

    Strong warming in the mountains and especially in the North is expected to occur during the fall and winter even under modest emission scenarios of the climate models. Climate change impacts may result in shorter periods of snow, an increased frequency of winter rain events, and a more rapid spring melt. In my research, I am trying to investigate the projected changes and to understand the interaction of hydrological processes in mountains under transient changes in climate and land cover.

    Objectives of this research are: 1) to track the changes in processes such as runoff over and infiltration to frozen and unfrozen soils due to the warming and change in precipitation; 2) to investigate the role of the deep frost table which separates the subsurface flows from groundwater on groundwater contribution to baseflow; 3) to compare the responses to climate change in the context of the range of modelling uncertainties introduced by changing vegetation, storage and frozen ground; 4) to assess the uncertainty in estimations of future alpine hydrological processes and basin hydrology due to uncertainty in weather generation methods and climate.

    Research Interests

    • Climate change impacts on snow hydrology
    • Vegetation changes under warmer climates
    • Statistical and dynamical downscaling
    • Mountain hydrology

    Education and Background

    I have received double Master's degrees in Hydrology and atmospheric science with seven years of research and work experience on different hydrometeorologic projects. I have graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2010 and worked on streamflow forecasting incorporating NWP models and climate indices using machine learning methods. Some of the projects which I was involved are: 

    • Physical modelling of snowmelt sensitivity to the climate change in Arctic basin of Wolf Creek, Yukon, Canada
    • Statistical analysis of streamflow variability with water temperature in Fraser River, BC, Canada
    • Lake Athabasca hydrology, Alberta, Saskatchwan, Canada
    • Machine learning based short-time flow forecasts on coastal basins of BC considering large-scale meteorological signals.

    Publications and Presentations

    a. Articles published in or submitted to refereed journals

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    b. Oral conference presentations (selected)

    1. Rasouli K, JW Pomeroy, DG Marks, M Bernhardt (2014) “Sensitivity of alpine snow and streamflow regimes to climate changes”, AGU fall meeting, Dec. 15-19, 2014, San Francisco, USA (Invited speaker).
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