Muhammad Rehan Anis Anis

    Muhammad Rehan Anis Anis

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Institute for Water Security & School of Environment and Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan (Supervisors: Howard Wheater & Saman Razavi)

    Project: A Coupled Framework for Modelling Land Surface Hydrology and Water Management

    Due to human activities, the natural hydrological cycle of most river basins is becoming more and more transformed and regimented.  The paradigm of integrated water resources management requires coupled analysis of natural hydrologic and human-induced processes in a river basin. This work presents an integrated modeling approach to simulate the human interventions in natural hydrological systems by developing a framework that couples a land surface hydrology model (MESH) with a water management and allocation model (MODSIM-DSS). MESH simulates hydrologic and water resources information for the basin drainage network which will be utilize in a two way coupling with the MODSIM, which provides a decision support system for water allocation between non-consumptive and consumptive water demands at the basin scale among different users.

    The mountainous headwaters of the Bow River basin down to Calgary is used as a case study. The Bow River contributes around 40% of average annual flow into the South Saskatchewan River. Most of the Bow River system is now highly altered from its natural state and has been modified by dams, weirs and reservoirs. This online integrated MESH-MODSIM approach is developed to establish reservoir management priorities between several reservoirs, water allocation, irrigation and demands in large cities.

    Furthermore, Irrigation Consumptive water Use (ICU) module in MESH is developed to calculate the water demand in irrigation GRU’s. The water will be supplied from the nearest channel or the reservoir as an artificial rain on several hours, when the soil moisture is reduced from the defined threshold. Using this module the water will not be supplied for irrigation on daily basis and we can calculate the actual water need for irrigation.

    ICU = ETc - P - ∆S                                             

            ICU = irrigation consumptive water use needed to satisfy crop water demand (mm)
            ETc = potential crop evapotranspiration / Penman–Monteith evapotranspiration (ET) (mm)
            P     = effective precipitation (mm) > 5mm
            ∆S   = change in soil moisture from previous period (mm)


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