Steven Mamet

    Steven Mamet

    Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan (Supervisor: Steven Siciliano)

    Research Areas

    Dr. Steven Mamet is a postdoctoral research fellow who joined the lab of Dr. Steven Siciliano in October 2015. Steve studies how microbes interact along plant invasion gradients and cycle nutrients in naturally and anthropogenically disturbed sites. Originally from Edmonton, AB, Steve completed his undergraduate and graduate work in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta. His research has focused on tree range limits, as well as ecological change in permafrost environments. He is broadly interested in treeline communities, focusing on demographics and growth along environmental gradients. As Principal Investigator with Earthwatch International, an international environmental charity, Steve maintains a collection of long-term research sites along the Canol Heritage Trail in the western Mackenzie Mountains, NT, and around Churchill, MB. Want to learn more? Check out the following links!

    Steven was formerly a post-doctoral fellow working under the supervision of Jill Johnstone in the department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan.  His research there focused on studying tree growth responses to climate change in the boreal forest and sub-arctic alpine treeline.


    Articles published, accepted, or in press in peer-reviewed journals  (JIF=Journal Impact Factor; 9)

    9. MAMET, S.D., YOUNG, N., CHUN, K.P., & JOHNSTONE, J.F. (in press) What is the most efficient and effective method for long-term monitoring of alpine tundra vegetation? Arctic Science. Accepted 23 March 2016.

    8. MAMET, S.D., CHUN, K.P., METASARANTA, J.F., BARR, A., & JOHNSTONE, J. (2015a) Tree rings provide early warning signals of jack pine mortality across a moisture gradient in the southern boreal forest. Environmental Research Letters 10(8): 084021.

    7. MAMET, S.D., CAIRNS, D.M., BROOK, R.K., & KERSHAW, G.P. (2015b) Modeling the spatial distribution of subarctic forest in northern Manitoba using GIS-based terrain & climate data. Physical Geography 36(2): 93–112.

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    5. MAMET, S.D. & KERSHAW, G.P. (2013a) Multi-scale analysis of environmental conditions & conifer seedling distribution across the forest-tundra ecotone of northern Manitoba, Canada. Ecosystems 16(2): 295–309.

    4. MAMET, S.D. & KERSHAW, G.P. (2013b) Age-dependency, climate & environmental controls of recent tree growth trends at subarctic & alpine treelines. Dendrochronologia 31(2): 75–87.

    3. MAMET, S.D. & KERSHAW, G.P. (2013c) Environmental influences on winter desiccation of Picea glauca foliage at treeline, & implications for treeline dynamics in northern Manitoba. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 45(2): 219–228.

    2. MAMET, S.D. & KERSHAW, G.P. (2012) Subarctic & alpine treeline dynamics during the last 400 yrs in northwestern & central Canada. Journal of Biogeography 39(5): 855–868.

    1. MAMET, S.D. & KERSHAW, G.P. (2011) Radial-growth response of forest-tundra trees to climate in the western Hudson Bay Lowlands. Arctic 64(4): 446–458.


    Articles submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals (2)

    2. MAMET, S.D., WINSLEY, T., HARDY, S., ULRICH, A., & SICILIANO, S.D. the use of heavy-oxygen labelled phosphate (P18O4) as a stable isotope probe of benzene degrading consortia and polar desert microbial communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Submitted 16 June 2016. MS. ID. AEM01821-16.

    1. MAMET, S.D., LAMB, E.G., PIPER, C.L., WINSLEY, T., & SICILIANO, S.D. Archaea and bacteria mediate the effects of native species root loss on fungi during plant invasion. Journal of Ecology. Submitted 30 March 2016. MS. ID. JEcol-2016-0197.


    Articles in preparation for submission in peer-reviewed journals (4)

    4. MAMET, S.D., CHUN, K.P. KERSHAW, G.G.L., LORANTY, M., & KERSHAW. G.P. Linear processes and non-linear thaw dynamics of palsas in the eastern Selwyn/western Mackenzie Mountains, NT. Target Journal: Permafrost and Periglacial Processes. Submission Date: July 2016.

    3. HARDY, S., GUY, A., LAMB, E., MAMET, S.D., & SICILIANO, S.D. Salix arctica changes its root foraging strategy in response to diapirism in High Arctic deserts. Target Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Submission Date: August 2016.

    2. CHUN, K.P., MAMET, S.D., METSARANTA, J.M., BARR, A.G., & JOHNSTONE, J.F., & WHEATER, H. Stochastic precipitation time series reconstruction using dendrochronological data in the western Canadian boreal forest. Dendrochronologia. Submission Date: August 2016.

    1. MAMET, S.D., CHUN, K.P., BROWN, C.D., BERNARD, J., SINGH, K., & JOHNSTONE, J.F. Pattern and process in a multi-species treeline environment: cross-scale analysis of treeline dynamics within the Wolf Creek Research Basin, southwestern Yukon, Canada. Target Journal: Journal of Ecology. Submission date: October 2016.


    Non-refereed publications (7)

    7. BROWN, C. D., JOHNSTONE, J. F., MAMET, S. D., & TRANT, A. J. (2013) Global Treeline Range Expansion Experiment Field Protocols. Website:

    6. MAMET, S.D. (2011) Mapping shorebird habitat quality on Victoria and King William Islands using Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices derived from Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper imagery. Report for Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service. Report no. K4E21-09-0904. 7 pp.

    5. KERSHAW, G.P., MAMET, S.D. & SUTER, J.A. (2009) Climatological, snowpack & dendroclimatological investigations, Wapusk National Park. Report for Wapusk National Park Authority. 52 pp.

    4. KERSHAW, G.P. & MAMET, S.D. (2008) Climatological, snowpack, & dendroclimatological investigations, Wapusk National Park, Final Report (FY2007-8). 50 pp.

    3. KERSHAW, G.P. & MAMET, S.D. (2006) Dendroclimatological investigations, Wapusk National Park. Report for Wapusk National Park Authority. 18 pp.

    2. KERSHAW, G.P. & MAMET, S.D. (2005) Dendroclimatological investigations in Wapusk National Park and adjacent Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Report for Wapusk National Park Authority. 8 pp.

    1. SÁNCHEZ-AZOFEIFA, G.A., CHONG, M., SINKWICH, J., & MAMET, S.D. (2004) Alberta ground cover characterization (AGCC) training and procedures manual. Earth Observations System Laboratory, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. 67 pp.

    Awards and Scholarships


    4. Earthwatch International ($188,000 / year)         2015–2019

    3. Wapusk National Park Authority ($6,000 / year)            2013–2018

    2. W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Travel Fellowship ($10,000 / year)    2013–2015

    1. Northern Scientific Training Program Grant ($3,500)    2008



    9. Nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award, EVSC 110         2015

    8. Changing Cold Regions-Early Career Researcher Network Presentation Award               2014

    7. W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Research ($50,000)  2013-2015

    6. Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Student Scholarship ($15,000)     2009/2011

    5. Profiling Alberta’s Graduate Students Award ($1,500)                2010

    4. S.M. Blair Polar Research Scholarship ($15,000)              2008-2009

    3. Harington Paleoenvironmental Award ($4,500)             2007

    2. Advanced Education Achievement Award ($2,000)      2006

    1. Paul Simpson-Housley Canadian Association of Geographers Award for Undergraduate Conference Presentation ($80)      2004

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