Presentations from the Workshop on Extreme Weather and Hydrology

Welcome and Introdution

Introductory Remarks on CCRN - Howard Wheater

Introductory Remarks on the Extreme Events of 2013 and the Objectives for the Workshop - John Pomeroy

Session 1: Observations and Diagnosis of the 2013 Extreme Events in Western Canada

Atmospheric Overview of the June 2013 Flooding Event - Ron Stewart

Overview of the Hydrometeorology of the Canadian Rockies Flood of June 2013 - John Pomeroy

Flood Forecasting Methodology in Alberta - Colleen Walford

June 2013 Rainstrom Runoff Event in Saskatchewan River Basin: Saskatchewan Perspective - Bill Duncan

The Flood in the Elk River Valley, BC - Sean Carey

Potential Roles of Groundwater in Mitigating or Exacerbating the Impacts of Floods - Masaki Hayashi

The June 2013 Alberta Flooding Event: Climatology, Synoptic Conditions, and Precipitation Fields - Julie Theriault

Luncheon Speaker

Extreme Hydrology Prediction in the United States - Don Cline

Session 2: Modelling the Flood

CRHM Modelling of Mountain Hydrological Processes in Marmot Creek during the Flood - Logan Fang

Prediction and Reanalysis of the Flood and High Precipitation Event - Bruce Davison

WRF Model Simulation of the June 2013 Alberta Flooding Event - Yanping Li

Session 3: Snow Data Assimilation (SNODAS)

National Snow Analyses - Don Cline

Session 4: Learning from the Flood

The sensitivity of Mountain Snowcovers to Temperature, Humidity, and Phase Change in a Warming Climate - Danny Marks

Changes to Autumnal Streamflow Features in the Rocky Mountains of North America - Paul Whitfield

Measuring the Flood from BC to Manitoba: Challenges and Opportunities - Al Pietroniro

Session 5: Related Events and Scientific Insights on the Processes Involved

Extreme Streamflow in Interior Alaska River Basins - Katrina Bennett

2013 Extensive Yukon Ice Jam and Freshet Flooding - Ric Janowicz

High Resolution Simulation of an Extreme Snow and Rain Event in Colorado in both a Current and Future Climate - Roy Rasmussen

Workshop Rapporteur Reports

Group 1: Describing the Flood and its Statistical Properties in a Changing Climate

Group 2: Modelling the Flood - Challenges and Opportunities

Group 3: Water Management Implications and Mitigation of the Flood

Wednesday Evening Public Talk

The Colorado Great Front Range Flood of 2013: Lessons for Alberta - Roy Rasmussen