In the News

Below is a listing of media interviews with CCRN members and other recent activities or issues featured in the news. 

08/09/2017, There's A Freakishly Large Fire Blazing Across Western Greenland - Gizmodo
08/08/2017, Twist and shout - Winnipeg Free Press
07/18/2017, How wildfires could radically change forests — and your life – The Conversation
07/10/2017, NASA Maps Saskatchewan’s Wetlands, North Sask. River – Water Canada
07/07/2017, U of S part of NASA global survey of surface water - Global News
07/06/2017, Young Innovators: Student unfolds secrets of boreal forest moss - Saskatoon StarPhoenix
07/01/2017, What the River Knows: Saskatchewan Delta at Cumberland House, Canada – National Geographic
06/23/2017, John Pomeroy interviews on Prairie Lily – Saskatoon Morning, CBC News
06/09/2017, Wheater receives U of S Distinguished Researcher Award - Usask News
06/08/2017, U of S-led Global Water Futures announces $16.2M funding for 11 projects across Canada - Usask News
06/02/2017, Pomeroy recognized for outstanding contributions to geophysical sciences - Usask News
06/01/2017, Lack of water in Saskatchewan, The Afternoon Edition, CBC Radio
05/31/2017, ‘The new normal’: Brace yourself, Toronto, more heavy rain — and flooding — is expected - National Post
05/23/2017, Flood prediction, climate change impacts on water studied at new Canmore lab - CBC News
05/13/2017, Global Water Futures, News Talk 770
05/11/2017, Should Canada have a national strategy for dealing with floods? - CTV News
05/10/2017, USaskatchewan opens cold water research facility in Canmore to study climate change - Crag and Canyon
05/10/2017, Researchers team up to come up with a flood and drought prediction system for the country, 840 CFCW Radio
05/08/2017, University of Saskatchewan involved in world’s largest water study, 620 CKRM
05/05/2017, U of S opens water research facility to study climate change - Saskatoon Star Phoenix
05/2017, Data Driven, Water Canada Magazine pg 12-13 (May/June 2017 issue)
04/17/2017, Stealing the Slims River, Hakai Magazine.
04/14/2017, Regular flooding in southwest corner costs millions and affects thousands, Winnipeg Free Press.
03/24/2017, John Pomeroy & Bob Sandford featured in On Thin Ice, a Water Brothers Documentary episode.
03/23/2017, Politics, Gov’t must take on tough drainage issue, Yorkton This Week.
03/22/2017, Trump’s budget changes concerning for Great Lakes: Global Institute for Water Security, Business News Network.
03/22/2017, John Pomeroy radio interview with Bruce Kenyon, News Talk 770, on use of drones for mapping snow in mountainous terrain.
03/21/2017, Extreme Forecasting, CBC - The National (@ 17:50 mm:ss)
03/21/2017, How 3D maps of an Alberta mountain could help predict the next flood or drought, CBC News.
03/21/2017, John Pomeroy radio interview with CBC Edmonton AM on use of drones for flood prediction,
03/11/2017, Drainage woes plague province, Regina Leader-Post.
03/09/2019, Scientists reach out to youth, Dehcho Drum.
03/02/2017, Laurier field course gives Northern high school students experience combatting climate change, Laurier News.
02/27/2017, Snow will melt more slowly in a warmer world – here’s why, New Scientist.
02/02/2017, The Delta Days exhibition tours river delta communities, CKLB Radio 101.9.
01/20/2017, ‘Its bizarre’: Dawson City ice bridge stalled by open water in Yukon River, CBC News.
01/03/2017, Alberta Passes Motion on Water Security, Water Canada Magazine.



12/21/2016, Water research centre expanding, looking to the future in Canmore, The Crag and Canyon, 
12/06/2016, Two Canada Research Chair positions renewed at Laurier, Exchange Magazine, 
11/28/2016, Yukon College art students tell the story of climate change science, Maclean’s, 
11/19/2016, How to stop human-made droughts and floods before they start, Concordia University News, 
11/18/2016, Western Canada has crossed into an entirely new hydro-climatic cycle, scientist says, Manitoba Co-operator, 
10/19/2016, Glaciers getting ‘thinnger and smaller faster and faster’, expert says, Calgary Sun, 
10/18/2016, Warm temperatures eroding Rocky Mountain glaciers, Calgary Herald, 
10/06/2016, Rebuilding Fort McMurray homes on flood plain a ‘poor decision’, says hydrologist, CBC News, 
09/19/2016, Mac researchers look to Yukon for clues about climate change, The Hamilton Spectator,
09/15/2016, Flood forecasting part of water research program, The Western Producer, 
09/09/2016, Five questions with hydrologist John Pomeroy, The Globe and Mail, 
09/08/2016, Whitehorse saw 40 per cent more rain than usual this summer, CBC News, 
09/08/2016, Professor John Pomeroy Describes Canada’s New $78 Million Research Program, Water Canada, 
09/07/2016, McMaster experts join major Canadian initiative on the future of the world’s water, McMaster Daily News, 
09/07/2016, U of S to lead “Water Threats” research program, 620 CKRM Radio News, 
09/06/2016, Southern Alberta flood leads to ‘largest university-led water project in the world’, The Calgary Herald, 
09/06/2016, Liberals hand U of S $77.8 million for massive water research program, The Saskatoon StarPhoenix, 
09/06/2016, University of Saskatchewan awarded $77.8 million in research funding, Global News, 
08/08/2016, As peat bogs burn, a climate threat rises, The New York Times, 
08/08/2016, William Quinton interview with Josh Campbell, News Reporter/Host on CKLB Radio 101.9 FM, discussion on how climate change is affecting the Deh Cho region of the NWT.
07/18/2016, Climate change fueling forest fires,says U of S expert, CBC News, 
07/04/2016, NASA and U of S teams research forests near La Ronge, Sask. year after wildfires, CBC News Saskatchewan,  
04/20/2016, 'Desert-dry' Saskatchewan primed for wildfires, Saskatoon Star Phoenix,  
04/12/2016, Warm winter could mean dry summer, CTV News,  
04/07/2016, Whistler Blackcomb's $345M plan to be 'weather independent', The Weather Network, 
03/14/2016, U of S researcher says mild temperatures will lead to extreme weather fluctuations, CKRM Radio,   
03/14/2016, What's happening to Saskatchewan weather?,, 
03/13/2016, Warm weather could lead to floods and fires in Saskatchewan, Water Canada, 
03/10/2016, Forest fires, flooding could follow warm Sask. winter, News Talk 650 CKOM,  
03/10/2016, The flipside of a warm spring: Prof warns of drought, fire and floods, The Star Phoenix, 
03/08/2016, Canada is sleepwalking into an uncertain future,,   
02/29/2016, Canada in 2050 looks hotter, wetter, more extreme: experts,,  
02/29/2016, Droughts, downpours and diebacks: Scientists warn of new climate extremes for Canada in 2050, The National Post, 
02/17/2016, Valley warm and dry this winter, Rocky Mountain Outlook, 
01/22/2016, Snow is beautiful, please don’t eat it, The Washington Post,



12/31/2015, Caution: Wild weather ahead, The Western Producer
11/30/2015, Scientists and tour guides warn of melting Alberta glaciers, Global News,
11/29/2015, Looking for leadership on water, The Globe and Mail
11/19/2015, Runaway global warming becomes a concern as permafrost melts, Environment and Energy News,   
11/19/2015, Bracing for the next deluge: Two years after Calgary's great flood, what is being done to prepare for the next one? The Tyee
11/16/2015, Permafrost meltdown raises risk of runaway global warming, Scientific American,
10/11/2015, Protecting the health of Alberta's Bow River, The Globe and Mail
10/04/2015, Western Canada's glaciers losing ice at near-record rates, The Calgary Herald,
09/28/2015, Wek’èezhìı Renewable Resources Board Newletter article on J. Baltzer’s fire research program (
09/18/2015, In Globe debate, leaders ignore Canada’s No. 1 resource: water, The Globe and Mail
08/31/2015, Selwyn Mountains site of researchers' melting glacier study, CBC News North,
08/27/2015, In northern Canada peaks, scientists are tracking impact of vanishing ice, Yale Environment 360
08/26/2015, Bloomberg Business News, Snowy Canada suffers drought, heat, fires as Earth gets warmer,
08/24/2015, Calgary Herald, Water expert astonished by proposed location of CalgaryNEXT along Bow River,
08/21/2015, Science magazine, “The New North: Stoked by climate change, fire and insects are remaking the planet’s vast boreal forests” by Tim Appenzeller,
08/06/2015, Global News Saskatoon: Expert warns Alberta weather will intensify; Notley focuses on climate plan,
08/04/2015, CBC News Calgary: Melting glaciers and drought in Alberta’s future – hydrologist warns of hotter, drier times with lack of mountain snow,
07/30/2015, Star Phoenix (Saskatoon), “After the fire: What’s next for northern forests and communities?”, by Kendall Latimer,
07/29/2015, Researchers seek answers from Athabasca Glacier, Rocky Mountain Outlook
07/29/2015, Mountain parks feeling effects from drought, The Crag and Canyon
07/27/2015, Saskatoon Star Phoenix: Wise to plan for drier West,
07/17/2015, Globe and Mail: Crop expert Norm Hall on how drought is hurting Prairie farmers,
07/15/2015, Drought, fires in Sask.'s future: Temperatures predicted to rise by up to 3 C within 50 years, The Star Phoenix
07/13/2015, Is this drought caused by climate change?, National Observer
07/11/2015, River levels bottom out: Researcher says difficult decisions ahead, The Star Phoenix
07/06/2015, Experts voice fears for B.C.'s climate future, as western wildfires rage, National Observer
07/06/2015, Signs of emerging drought, The Weather Network,
06/24/2015, Cochrane Times: Elbow River Partnership talks flood mitigation,
06/22/2015, Farmers fear dry conditions could spell drought this summer, CTV News Calgary
06/20/2015, CTV News: Developing Drought Risk in Western Canada,
06/16/2015, Snowpack in Rockies melts four to six weeks earlier than normal, Calgary Herald
06/16/2015, California's drought offers Canada lessons in crisis prevention, CBC News Canada
06/15/2015, The Sprout: Western Canada may be in for long-term drought, iPolitics
06/14/2015, Signs of drought appear to be in Western Canada for the long term, The Globe and Mail
06/05/2015, North American droughts and floods linked, Sask. Expert, News Talk 980
06/03/2015, Groundwater major contributor to alpine watersheds: study, The Crag and Canyon,
05/12/2015, Soil moisture measurement by AAFC (begins at 35:00 min), CTV News Saskatoon
05/11/2015, John Pomeroy on the low snowpack, Calgary Eyeopener, CBC Radio
05/11/2015, Flood mitigation must consider droughts as well. says water expert, CBC News
04/29/2015, Introductory remarks for “Water + Ice: Precious Resources, Principled Neighbours”. Panel discussion with Hon. M. Miltenberger, Minister of Finance and Minister of Environment & Natural Resources, Northwest Territories, and Ms. Merrell-Ann Phare, Chief Negotiator, Government of the NWT, and others. Youtube video:
04/24/2015, National climate strategy needed, expert says, The Star Phoenix
04/15/2015, Extreme weather and climate: Measured response?, The Canadian Charger,
04/08/2015, Low snowpack could lead to summer water shortages, Calgary Herald
04/06/2015, How western Canada glaciers will melt away, CBC News
04/01/2015, Are Harvard’s dying hemlocks a warning for trees everywhere? National Geographic,
03/19/2015, Rockies-initiated research network gets global recognition, Pique News Magazine
03/13/2015, Warmer weather in Alberta and B.C.'s mountains creating shorter ski season, The Globe and Mail
03/05/2015, Snow is delicious. But is it dangerous to eat?, US National Public Radio The Salt
02/24/2015, Corruption, climate could trigger water wars: UN report, Environment News Service
02/17/2015, Water Security Institute at U of S continues research, CKRM
01/20/2015, How B.C.'s ski resorts are coping with global warming's threat to their existence, The Globe and Mail
01/19/2015, Northern Journal: “Spreading southern wetlands, drying delta lakes: scientists predict the future of a warmer NWT”,
01/15/2015, W. Quinton interviewed by Randy Henderson, North Beat (TV), CBC North. CBC Studio, Yellowknife, 
01/14/2015, Legislature Talks: The Knowledge Series. Invited public presentation at the Legislature Building, Yellowknife: “A glimpse of the future: insights into water resources in a warmer NWT”,
01/14/2015, Researchers say N.W.T. permafrost is thawing at a dramatic rate, CBC News North
01/13/2015, W. Quinton interviewed by Ollie Williams. Moose FM - 100.1 CJCD Yellowknife,  
01/06/2015, Ski resorts start to address threat of climate change, Calgary Herald
01/06/2015, Peat fires—a legacy of carbon up in smoke,



12/30/2014, Calgary's 2013 flood could have been 'much, much worse,' expert says, Calgary Herald
11/14/2014, Sask. wetland policies need to be strengthened: researcher, News Talk 650 CKOM
11/13/2014, Chasing Snowflakes, CBC The Nature of Things
10/15/2014, Going with the flow, Bridges
10/15/2014, Water, water everywhere - but for how long? The StarPhoenix
09/04/2014, News Article, Dehcho Drum. Scientists study changing landscape: Researchers expanding permafrost studies at Scotty Creek,
04/22/2014, Matt Holmes Show. CHML AM 900, Hamilton, Discussion of Earth Day,
09/09/2014, Climate change will force us to reconsider how we are managing our water resources, Yahoo News
07/31/2014, Research makes a difference: Findings at research institute assist territorial government, Inuvik Drum
07/18/2014, Pay farmers to stop drainage: research chair, The Western Producer
07/18/2014, Climate change fuelling forest fires, says U of S expert, CBC News Saskatoon
07/14/2014, What wildfires in the Northwest Territories say about climate change, The Globe and Mail
07/10/2014, Loss of snowpack and glaciers in Rockies poses water threat, Yale Environment 360
07/10/2014, Wetland draining contributing to high water flows, News Talk 980 CJME
07/09/2014, Loss of ponds, wetlands exacerbated Manitoba flooding: report, The Globe and Mail
07/07/2014, Changing climate at root of ‘utterly unprecedented’ summer flood, News
06/11/2014, Re-establishing wetlands may decrease flood damage, U of S News
06/10/2014, U of S Centre for Hydrology Publishes Smith Creek Wetland Report, @CH
05/17/2014, Alta. study looks at ground water sustainability, The Western Producer
05/15/2014, Flood risks from melting snow pack 'enough to be concerned about', Global News
05/06/2014, Canmore keeping close eye on water levels after rain and snow, Calgary Herald
05/05/2014, Flood Watcher - An observatory at the headwaters of Alberta's Bow River will improve flood warnings, Canadian Foundation for Innovation
04/08/2014, Inondations : l'Agence de l'eau veut des modèles informatisés fiables, ICI Radio-Canada
04/01/2014, Grad students spend three months at remote research site, Inside LAURIER
04/01/2014, Are we ready for the next flood? Alberta Views
03/31/2014, Climate change effects already being felt in Sask., says hydrologist, CBC Saskatchewan
03/28/2014, Cost to protect Calgary Zoo from future flooding jumps to $25M, Metro News Calgary
03/16/2014, Glaciers in western Canada still receeding despite cold, snow, Calgary Herald
03/13/2014, Saskatchewan water resources need to surface, The Sheaf
03/12/2014, Rapid snow melt not leading to repeat of 2013 flood, experts say, CBC News Calgary
02/27/2014, Precipitation monitoring likened to the 'Stone Age', Rocky Mountain Outlook
02/19/2014, New system would warn of floods faster, Calgary Herald
02/15/2014, Scientist says Alberta's flood forecasting tools from 'stone age', Calgary Herald
02/12/2014, Canmore flood management plans questioned, Calgary Herald
02/11/2014, Flood warning tools could improve extreme weather response, Calgary Herald
02/10/2014, Computer model forecast flooding in Calgary 10 days before deluge, Calgary Herald
02/06/2014, Alberta, Colorado floods compared, Rocky Mountain Outlook
02/05/2014, Canmore plans for early flood warning system sparks debate, Calgary Herald
01/11/2014, Peat bog fires are burning issue in climate calculations, The Daily Climate



12/25/2013, Forecast failure: How flood warnings came too late for southern Albertans, Calgary Herald
11/27/2013, June flood 'not extraordinary', expert research shows, Calgary Herald
11/14/2013, Philip Marsh named Canada Research Chair in Cold Regions Water Science at Laurier, Wilfrid Laurier News
11/11/2013, Research shows permafrost and ecosystems in subarctic changing quickly, Wilfrid Laurier Research Stories and Communications
11/11/2013, Researching boreal forests in the rapidly changing northern ecosystem, Wilfrid Laurier Research Stories and Communications
10/26/2013, J. Johnstone interview on CBC Radio, “Quirks and Quarks”,
10/23/2013, W. Quinton radio interview. Host: Leonard Linklater, CBC Whitehorse – radio interview, Oceanus share News and interviews CBC Radio wolf creek basin WLU project oct-21 2013
10/22/2013, Transcript of Minister Miltenberger’s speech to the Legislature on the Laurier-GNWTPartnership,
10/11/2013, Research@Laurier: Researcher feature on: opening of new centre for leading-edge research into cold regions and water science.
10/05/2013, News article, Kitchener Record Article,
09/05/2013, Dehcho Drum. Country food reassurances offered at Kakisa workshop. Thursday, September 5, 2013 p.4.
08/20/2013, Linear disturbances on discontinuous permafrost: implications for thaw-induced changes to land-cover and drainage patterns. Environmental Research Web,
10/23/2013, Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science video, YouTube
10/12/2013, Inondations à Calgary: les conséquences importantes évoquées dans un rapport en 2012, Radio-Canada
10/11/2013, Laurier opens new centre for leading-edge research into cold regions and water science, Wilfrid Laurier News
10/10/2013, Laurier researchers receive funding for Water Knowledge Application Network, Wilfrid Laurier News
09/11/2013, Interview on Scotty Creek (starts at 45:55), CBC News Northbeat
09/09/2013, Research shows permafrost and ecosystems in subarctic changing quickly, Radio Canada International
09/05/2013, Deh Cho Muskeg at centre of climate change study, Northern News Services, September 5, 2013
08/26/2013, Alberta Flood Research, The Daily Planet
08/24/2013, Daily Planet dissects High River flooding, Calgary Herald
08/20/2013, Roads and seismic lines damage permafrost, Environmental Research Web
08/20/2013, Long-term solutions sought to better protect Canmore, Calgary Herald
07/30/2013, Experts say all flooded homes should be included in recovery plans, Calgary Herald
07/24/2013, Alberta at Noon, CBC Radio
07/18/2013, Province warned in 2010 floods could get worse, Calgary Herald
07/17/2013, Wildrose Rains Criticism on Tories over Flooding, Calgary Herald
07/12/2013, City of Calgary engineers seeking advice on permanent flood-control measures, Calgary Herald
07/11/2013, Devastating floods change Alberta's landscape forevor, CBC News
07/11/2013, Flood-ravaged Canmore rebuilds, CBC The National
07/10/2013, Study investigates environmental challenges facing Lake Diefenbaker, Prairie Post
07/04/2013, Thomson: Albertans have become naturals at dealing with disasters, Edmonton Journal
06/30/2013, Recovering Canmore to consider ways to repair Cougar Creek, Calgary Herald
06/29/2013, Editorial: Manitoba-style floodway not for Calgary, Calgary Herald
06/29/2013, Rare ‘rain-on-snow’ event contributed to Canmore deluge, Calgary Herald
06/27/2013, Alberta must do a ‘much better job of forecasting’ after failing to sound flood alarm early, Calgary Herald
06/27/2013, AB floods: Are we ready for the next one? CBC The Current
06/27/2013, Rockies, flood plains will need to be re-mapped, News Talk 650 CKOM
06/27/2013, Colorado fires brought Bow Valley rain, Rocky Mountain Outlook
06/26/2013, How floods affect all homeowners, The Real Estate Talk Show, AM640 Talk Radio
06/26/2013, Province was 'ill prepared' for flood, water experts say, Calgary Herald
06/25/2013, Calls for flood defences in Southern Alberta to be bolstered, 660 News
06/25/2013, Alberta floodwaters head to Manitoba, CBC News
06/25/2013, Alberta floods: Hydrologist, CBC As It Happens
06/25/2013, Predicting Floods, Alberta Primetime
06/25/2013, Flooding, climate change and political decision making, CBC Radio One
06/24/2013, ‘Utter destruction’ leaves campgrounds a mess ahead of long weekend, Calgary Herald
06/24/2013, Alberta government failed to act on flood prevention report, Global News
06/24/2013, Alberta floods have changed the Rockies forever, says scientist, The Huffington Post
06/24/2013, Flooding in Alberta has changed the Rockies forever, says scientist, CTV News
06/24/2013, Calgary Eyeopener, Hydrologist John Pomeroy, CBC Radio One
06/24/2013, Climate change and the Alberta flood, Macleans
06/24/2013, Blue Sky speaks with scientist caught in the flood, CBC Saskatchewan
06/22/2013, Canmore residents living their 'worst nightmares', Calgary Herald
06/22/2013, Sask. residents stranded in Alta., The StarPhoenix
06/22/2013, Disaster plan for nation wise, The StarPhoenix
06/22/2013, Why Alberta's floods hit so hard and fast, CBC News
06/22/2013, Calgary aerial view (Bob Sandford speaks on floods and climate), CTV News
06/22/2013, Alberta under water: the 4 factors that led to massive flooding, CTV News
06/21/2013, Southern Alberta's flooded communities face more rain this weekend, CTV News
06/21/2013, Calgary flood: Alberta residents describe what they're seeing, CBC News
06/12/2013, Phosphorus in Lake Diefenbaker not impacting fish, News Talk 650 CKOM
06/12/2013, Saskatchewan needs help from Alberta, says Ken Cheveldayoff, NewsPoint Africa
06/12/2013, Enviro minister says prairie provinces must work together, The StarPhoenix
06/11/2013, Researchers raise alarm over phosphorus in Lake Diefenbaker, News Talk 650 CKOM
06/10/2013, Harmful chemical pollution entering lake Diefenbaker, News Talk 650 CKOM
06/10/2013, Research finds chemicals polluting Lake Diefenbaker, The StarPhoenix
06/10/2013, Protecting creeks by protecting groundwater: an expert's view, Alberta Farmer Express
06/07/2013, U of S awarded $800,000 to help address SRB water challenges, U of S News Releases
06/06/2013, Saskatchewan not built for spring flooding, News Talk 650 CKOM
06/05/2013, Federal Government's research investments support innovation and prosperity in communities across Canada, CFI News
06/05/2013, U of S Research projects awarded more than $2.2 million through Canada Foundation for Innovation, U of S News Releases
05/27/2013, Alberta urged to prepare for increasingly severe weather as insurance losses mount, Calgary Herald
05/23/2013, Laurier researchers part of $5 million Changing Cold Regions Network, Wilfrid Laurier News
05/22/2013, Ottawa to fund $5M study of effects of climate change on western Canadian rivers, Calgary Herald
05/22/2013, U of S researchers lead the way on climate change, U of S News Releases
05/17/2013, GIWS awarded NSERC funding, U of S News Releases
05/17/2013, Government of Canada announces funding to tackle climate change, NSERC News Releases