Relevant Publications by CCRN Members

We have organized a special issue of the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences where we have published many key papers describing our scientific advancements.  HESS is an open-access journal and the published papers are freely accesible.  Please visit for more information and to access the final papers. 
Bindlish, R., M Cosh, T. Jackson, T. Koike, S. Chan, A. Berg, D. Bosch, T. Caldwell, C. Holifield, H. McNarin, J. Marinez-Fernanez, J. Prueger, T. Rowlandson*, M. Seyfried, P. Starks, M. Thibeault, R. van der Veld, J. Walker.  GCOM-W AMSR2 Soil Moisture Product Validation Using Core Validation Sites. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. In Press. 2017.

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Sprenger M, Tetzlaff D, Buttle J, Carey SK, McNamara JP, Laudon H, Shatilla NJ, Snelgrove J, Soulsby C. Storage, mixing and fluxes of water in the critical zone across northern environments inferred by stable isotopes of soil water. Hydrological Processes (accepted pending minor revisions)

Stephens, J., Black T.A., Jassal R.S., Nesic Z., Grant N., Barr A., Helgason W., Richardson A., Johnson M., Christen A., Effects of forest tent caterpillar defoliation on carbon and water fluxes in a boreal aspen stand. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, in press, 2018.
Tetzlaff D, Piovano T, Ala-Aho P, Smith A, Carey SK, Marsh P, Wookey P, Street L, Soulsby C. Challenges of using water stable isotopes to estimate travel times and stream water ages in data sparse arctic environments (accepted pending minor revisions)

Walker, XJ, Baltzer, JL, Cummings, SR, Day, NJ, Johnstone, JF, Rogers, BM, Turetsky, MR, Mack, MC (2018) Estimating depth of burn in boreal black spruce and jack pine stands of the NWT, Canada. International Journal of Wildland Fire, in press.
Warren, R.K, P. Christoforos, M. Helbig, L. Chasmer, R. Patankar, A. Berg, J. Baltzer, W.L. Quinton, and O. Sonnentag, In Press. Minor contribution of black spruce transpiration to evapotranspiration in boreal permafrost peatlands, Ecohydrology.

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Williamson*, M, T.R. Rowlandson*, A.A. Berg, A. Roy, P. Toose, C. Derksen, L. Arnold, E. Tetlock. L-band radiometry freeze/thaw validation using air temperature and ground measurements. 
Remote Sensing Letters. In Press 2017.
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