CCRN manages complex datasets from observations and models so that the information can be readily used by scientists from the Network and by the user community. Continued, effective use of these data requires a commitment to establish, maintain, evaluate, describe, and distribute data products that are safely archived and easily accessible to the scientific and user communities. 
We have organized a special issue of the journal Earth System Science Data where we have described and published many of our datasets.  Please visit for more information and to access these datasets.

Guidelines and Support

Data Access (select datasets) Environment and Climate Change Canada Driving Data and Model Products Presentations on CCRN Data Management Contact
  • CCRN database manager (Amber Peterson)
For further information on the history, current science focus and observational programme at each of the Water, Ecosystem, Climate, and Cryosphere (WECC) observatories. Enquiries and requests for specific data from WECC observatories should be directed to those responsible for operations at the sites (contact details are provided for each), and use of the data should involve discussion and agreement with those responsible for collection of the data.