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Short Documentary - Changing Climate and Environment of Western Canada

Changing Climate and Environment of Western Canada Documentary

To celebrate 5 years of scientific research, CCRN produced a short film highlighting major outcomes and scientific advancements made by the network.

For more information, including additional video formats, please visit the CCRN Documentary webpage. 

Observed Climatic and Environmental Change in Western Canada

As part of Theme A's objectives, the network has focused on summarizing and synthesizing the recent past changes in climate, landcover, terrestrial ecosystems, and water cycling.  This information brochure highlights the key aspects of the changes that have been observed, along with some of the recent extreme events that have affected the region.

Future Climate Conditions over Western Canada

Based on Yanping Li and colleagues' work, this document provides insight into future changes in temperature and precipitation across western Canada using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model and the high resolution Psuedo Global Warming method. 

  • For more information on the PGW approach, including additional resources, visit the Pseudo Global Warming webpage. 

The June 2013 Alberta Extreme Rainfall and Flooding

CCRN has conducted an in-depth and multi-disciplinary examination of the the severe weather and devastating flooding that affected many parts of south-western Alberta and elsewhere in 2013. This summary brochure describes the events and the lessons learned.   


The 2014 Summer Flooding in the Assiniboine River Basin

In late-June of 2014, heavy rainfall and severe flooding affected south-eastern Saskatchewan and south-western Manitoba within the Assiniboine River Basin. This brochure describes the events and the changing conditions that contributed to the severity of the flooding.


Observations and Understanding of Change at our Observatories

One of the strengths of our research programme is in our Water, Ecosystem, Cryosphere, and Climate (WECC) Observatories, which provide key insights into the process mechanisms and interactions associated with the rapidly changing climate and environmental conditions across western Canada.  We are developing a series of brochures on each of these to highlight our understanding of how these changes are manifested locally and regionally.


Wolf Creek Research Basin, YT

Canadian Rockies Hydrological Observatory, AB & BC