2014 Northwest Territories Fires Workshop

Yellowknife, NT, 12–13 January, 2015

This 2-day workshop was organized to discuss priorities and planning for research in response to the widespread 2014 fires in the Northwest Territories. The workshop was supported by the Government of the Northwest Territories, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Changing Cold Regions Network. Participants heard from various agencies in the GNWT and university and government researchers with expertise in high latitude boreal ecosystems and the impacts of fire on the function and resilience of these systems. Workshop outcomes included: 1) the identification of information gaps, research priorities, and data needs relating to boreal wildfires; 2) the identification of opportunities arising from the 2014 fires that will help to inform management and planning during and after wildfires; 3) an initial plan of integrative research activities; and 4) the development of research teams to target research funds and undertake the research priorities. Those interested in becoming involved in fire-related research in the NWT, including leading or contributing to proposals to obtain research funding, should contact Jennifer Baltzer (jbaltzer@wlu.ca) or Jill Johnstone (jill.johnstone@usask.ca).