Theme D Synthesis Workshop

(University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, May 10-11, 2016)

A Theme D workshop was held at the University of Manitoba in May 2016, hosted by Ron Stewart and John Hanesiak, which brought together a small core group of the atmospheric and hydrological scientists within CCRN and some of their students. The purpose of this workshop was to move towards the end of CCRN by exchanging insights, moving towards greater synthesis, identifying gaps and how to overcome them, and determining specific timelines to finish. Participants gave updates on their individual and collaborative research activities and recent progress, while focused discussions dealt with topics including collective work and syntheses on a variety of large-scale atmospheric–land surface issues, modelling and the representation of future climates, status and synthesis of a collection of papers on the Alberta 2013 flood to form a special journal issue, and some new insights into the large-scale conditions associated with the recent wildfires around Ft. McMurray, AB.

See below for details on the workshop outcomes and to view the presentations.